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Nitrous Bottles / Cylinders

All of our Bottles come with a Super High flow nitrous valve installed! With gauge port & burst disc. The competitors make you pay extra! We also install a siphon tube for free, again the others make you pay extra for that

NEWS 5lb, 10lb, 15lb & 20lb bottles now come with a FREE bottle pressure gauge!!

Call for some select special colors available in Electric Blue, Black, White, Purple, Electric Red, Brushed Aluminum (great to polish) , yellow, neon yellow, cherry red.

Don't forget Bottle Brackets & Bottle Nuts

Also Check Out Our Universal Nitrous Refill Station Click Here

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Item Description Retail Our Price Add To Cart

10oz Aluminum Nitrous Bottle w/ chrome valve

Great for pocket bikes, atvs, and hidden systems

1st bottle on left of picture

$199 $139

2.5lb Aluminum Nitrous Bottle

Great for snowmobiles, atvs, motorcycles etc

2nd from left in picture

$199 $149

Carbon Fiber 4.0 lb Nitrous Bottle

HOT product! Light weight bottle weighs as much as a 2.5lb bottle but holds 1.6lbs more nitrous! Great For Snowmobiles, ATV's, bikes etc. 14"x5.5"

$499 $409

5lb Aluminum Nitrous Bottle

3rd from left in picture

$249 $159

10lb Aluminum Nitrous Bottle

4th from left in picture

$299 $179

10lb Polished Bottle

Hot bottle show off your nitrous!

5th from left

$399 $299

12lb Carbon Fiber Nitrous Bottle

When saving weight is important this is the bottle for you!!!

$599 $489.99

15lb Aluminum Nitrous Bottle

2nd from right of picture

$349 $199

20lb Aluminum Nitrous Bottle

Far right in picture

$399 $219
High pressure 0-2000psi nitrous bottle gauge $39.99 $24.99

High pressure 0-2000psi nitrous bottle gauge with adapter (adapter to be used if you don't have a special gauge port, or you are using it for something else)

$65.99 $39.99
Gauge Adapter -4an $24.99 $19.99
Gauge Adapter -6an $24.99 $19.99